Usona Esperantisto № 2022:2 (mar–apr)

Esperanto Awareness Day

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2022-04-27

Going from a state of unknowing to knowing can change a person’s life. The knowledge can add color and understanding to a previous void.

While I was attending my second NASK, I asked several people how they found out about Esperanto. To a person, it was “by accident.” That made me feel connected since I found out about it over the radio while driving in my car.

Ludwig Zamenhof made the world aware of Esperanto (then it was his Internacia Lingvo) on July 26, 1887 (technically, it was a different date on the Russian calendar) when the book was published. There were no parades, no medals bestowed by royalty, no promises of fortune for this modest publication of years of hard and dedicated effort.

We who now know Esperanto know of its brilliance and beauty, but many do not. That awareness initiated on July 26, 1887 can be honored by the Annual Esperanto Awareness Day henceforth on every July 26. On that day we can make a commitment to tell someone about Esperanto. Our intention will become their “by accident.” Take a moment to ask, “Do you know about the Esperanto language?” If encouraged to continue, give them some basic concepts of the language. End the conversation by giving them a brochure, available from Esperanto-USA, for them to read later and maybe to pursue further.