Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2022:1 (jan–feb)

Polyglot Gatherings

A Focus of the E-USA Publicity Committee

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2022-03-10

Will Morton, the chair of the promotion committee, is a regular at polyglot gatherings, in person when possible and lately on-line. Will realized that many polyglots may have heard of Esperanto but don’t know much about it. So, why not add an Esperanto breakout room, which was gladly done by the organizer.

Promoting Esperanto to polyglots seems a logical decision. Polyglots love to learn languages, are looking for a community of speakers to practice with and can easily learn Esperanto.

Alert! Will needs your help.

You likely got a nice invitation from the Central Office inviting you to participate in an on-line polyglot meeting. Esperanto speakers are needed to hang out in the Esperanto room speaking Esperanto, introducing Esperanto using prepared material and answering questions. With five or six Esperantists participating, it is possible for some participants to leave the room for a while to visit other language rooms.

Whether you are a “polyglot” or a “polynot” you are welcome at the polyglot meeting.

Please plan to join a meeting when you can and be part of a fun way to promote Esperanto.

– Chuck Mays, chuck dot mays at esperantic dot org