Artikoloj de la rubriko informado

Esperanto in Numismatics
This paper examines the imprint of Esperanto and that of its prominent figures on numismatics worldwide. It also reviews the initiatives undertaken to date in order to create an international currency associated to this language.
Esperanto at the UN in New York
I like to feel that, if Zamenhof were alive today, he would approve of the work that we are doing.
My artificial life
Some people deride Esperanto as “artificial,” as if that somehow makes it inferior.
The Esperanto Journey
What tools and resources are needed for someone to become an active member of the Esperanto community and E-USA?
Are you promoting Esperanto effectively?
A few questions to help you evaluate yourself.
Eĉ naturaj lingvoj povas esti planitaj
Kial lerni Esperanton, kiam oni povas uzi tiun tempon por lerni lingvon “naturan”?
More ideas for Promoting Esperanto
Advertising with beer posters and business cards.
Esperanto and Market Fundamentalism
For some economists, Esperanto is the paradigmatic example of the failure of planning.
Esperantaj libroj en via publika biblioteko
Se via publika biblioteko ne havas librojn pri Esperanto, kion vi povas fari?
Esperanto in Little Free Libraries
One way of promoting Esperanto is through the Little Free Library Project.
A language of choice
When people learn that Esperanto is my family language, they often ask: “Why Esperanto and not Russian, your first language? Or English, your husband’s first language?”
Kial usonano uzas Esperanton?
People are sometimes surprised to learn that as an American, I use Esperanto instead of English when traveling abroad.
Kiu Estu Nia “Mesaĝo”?
Ni ne troigu; ne necesas. Esperanto ja estas interesa kaj utila nun, hodiaŭ. Ni informu la ceteran mondon.
Seen on the Internet
Many people have wondered where all the excitement about the internet comes from. I would like to present a little example of how one corner of the internet functions.
Promoting Esperanto
Todd Moody’s recent article gave some excellent suggestions on how to answer skeptics. Todd gave us some good factual answers to their “hard questions.” I would like to make a few suggestions about dealing with their emotional resistance.
Hard Questions
Every Esperantist must answer questions about Esperanto. Some of them are not easy questions, and many are not even particularly friendly.
Why we need a strong national association
“Why should I join ELNA?” is a frequent question. I answer it thusly.
The Fact of Esperanto
Supporters of Esperanto are not proposing a theory for breaking down the world’s language barriers, but rather are pointing out that the language problem has already been solved.
Esperanto and New World Culture
Having thrown overboard the unnecessary ballast of grammatical irregularities which burden the ethnic languages, Esperanto can be rapidly learned by the ever increasing group of people with no specialized language training who need to use a medium of international communication for their specialized technical requirements.
Will There Be Dialects of Esperanto?
Occasionally we meet a person who thinks “all steps toward a universal language are futile.”