Usona Esperantisto № 2021:6 (nov–dec)

More ideas for Promoting Esperanto

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2022-01-21

Before presenting an idea on how to promote Esperanto locally, I’ll give an update on what the Promotion Committee is doing.

A few years ago, David Wolff created posters that were very popular but have not been used recently. The Promotion Committee is reviewing and updating the posters with current contact information. The plan is to make two version of each poster available on the E-USA website. A PDF version will be ready to use as is. A Word version can be modified to add local contact information and to adapt the message for the event where it will be used. One of the most popular posters is called the “Beer Please Poster.”

Many thanks to David for making the posters available.

From West Virginia comes a great, low-cost idea to put on business cards. Vista Print will do 250 cards for about $10. Look for promotions and there is a discount for non-profits. These cards can be left in coffee shops, given out at polyglot events and science fiction conferences, etc. The QR code takes the reader to a website with more information.


If you need help creating a similar card for your local group, please email me:

Thanks to Vince Allison and Carrie Jones for sharing their card.

The promotion committee needs your ideas. Please send your thoughts and ideas to Charles Germany at We look forward to hearing from you.