Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2022:4 (jul–aŭg)

Kongresaj laborsesioj, 10-a de Aŭgusto, 2022

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2022-08-29

Laborsesio: Kulturaj Aferoj

Tiu ĉi laborsesio enhavis 40 partoprenantojn, kiuj disdividis al 5 grupoj: Teatraĵoj, Podkastoj, Eldonado, Videoludoj, kaj, ke Nia Kultura Agado Sekvu UN.


Ĉu vi ŝatas teatron? Ĉu vi ŝatas Esperanton? Ni bezonas vin!!

Aligu per tiu ligilo por diri al ni kiu vi estas kaj kiel vi ŝatus esti parto de la ago!

Ni bezonas: - Homoj por helpi trovi la ĝustan materialon - Aktoroj - sceneja skipo - Organizintoj

Neniu sperto bezonata. Ni amuziĝu!

Do you like theater? Do you like Esperanto? We need you!

Sign up on this link to tell us who you are and how you’d like to be part of the action!

We need: - People to help find the right material - Actors - Crew Members - Organizers

No experience required. Let’s have fun!


Partoprenantoj: Jeff Chase, Victoria Richardson, Fred Meyer III, David Meade (Davo), Hanso Becklin, Brandon Sowers, Jordon Kalilich, Earl “Jarlo” Bills, Peggy “Pegazo” Dolter, Jonathan Thomas

  • In Esperanto and About Esperanto
  • Basic conversations and stories in Eo
  • Explanations in English
  • Good examples of speech
  • Not too fast
  • Not a lot of errors
  • Easily accessible on podcast apps
  • Transcript available?
  • YouTube followup?
  • Read a book aloud
  • Reviews
  • Reach outside the US
  • Don’t duplicate what is already out there
  • Sustainable (avoid burnouts) so multiple hosts
  • Season - maybe 10 episodes per season
  • Pay someone to edit it and to organize it - a program director to herd the cats
  • Ask people to subscribe to Patreon or donate to E-USA
  • Do we want a breezy style or a pedagogical podcast (more work!)
  • Discuss a topic
  • Interviews
  • Retradio has science news and women in music
  • Two podcasts - two different audiences
  • Australian podcast - read an article, play a song.
  • It’s easier for an American to understand the Australian accent.
  • Telegram channel for all who are interested.
  • Need money for microphones and editing
  • Start with easier discussions
  • Is our goal to reach other Americans or to reach internationally?
  • It’s not just to strengthen E-USA but to spread Eo in the USA and link us to each other.
  • Too many questions at once. Which do we start with? Conversations are easier to start with.
  • Progresanto-friendly. If audience is new learners, it involves a lesson.
  • Scripted conversation can work with good voice actors.
  • Hanso will write ten 10-minute episodes.
  • Earl suggests: try two different types of episodes, listen, and evaluate.
  • Or an Esperanto-language podcast with one Komencanto Corner each session.
  • Telegram Group


In our group we discussed the publishing of Esperanto books written by Americans.

The main takeaway we had was that in order for more Americans to publish books in Esperanto, they need to know (and believe) that it can actually be done, so we should find ways to remove obstacles for them and streamline the process.

Some of our thoughts that we discussed:

  • Have a system whereby writers can bring their completed books to Esperanto USA and get help with the publishing process if they don’t know how to do it themselves. (In some ways act like an agent)
  • Have resources available on the website for aspiring writers. Provide a directory and contact information of people who are willing to provide: proofreading, editors, cover designers, etc.
  • Support the INK Konkurso, and set a goal for a certain number of American contributions to the Konkurso.
  • Also provide support for people who don’t feel confident to participate in the Konkurso: writing workshops, proofreaders, grammar help for komencanto writers
  • Writing workshops at landaj kongresoj and NASK
  • People could suggest classic American stories in the public domain which have not yet been translated into Esperanto


Neniuj Notoj Senditaj, sed vidu notojn pri Tujelsendo sube.

Nia Kultura Agado Sekvu UN

  • “We the Peoples of the United Nations”: Factoring the United Nations spirit and programs into E-USA and Local US Esperanto Cultural and Other Events

Committee: Duncan Charters (, John Dale (, Vince Allison (, and Jane ___ (

Major Points:

One of the purposes of E-USA and of local Esperanto groups and activities is to support and strengthen the connections of UEA and the global Esperanto movement to the 17 broad, politically universal Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations for the year 2030.

General support means linking the Esperanto event to one of the Goals and/or to one of the many special global observances of the United Nations, such as Universal Human Rights Day, International Women’s Day, International Mother Tongue Day, the International Year of Glass, and the International Decade on Indigenous Languages.

These types of events are listed at UN Observances. Local clubs and individuals are urged to go to the UN website and to start thinking about how they can use Esperanto in connection with these observances and efforts.

Upcoming UN events, observances, and major conferences could also be announced well in advance in the E-USA magazine and through email. John Dale has volunteered to help keep the US movement up to date on these opportunities.

These targeted events can be announced in and reported to local media to enhance publicity for Esperanto. Local politicians can also be informed or included.

Other organizations can also be approached and enlisted for the event.

These targeted events should be later analyzed for their effectiveness and reported to E-USA and UEA to inspire similar efforts elsewhere.

In addition, on occasion, the United Nations General Assembly or one or more of the UN special agencies such as UNICEF and UNESCO will request special humanitarian assistance and attention from NGOs in urgent situations. UEA will keep E-USA informed of any such special requests, and E-USA will pass them on to the local level.

In this way, through re-awakening among Esperantists the global activist spirit of “We the Peoples of the United Nations,” and by giving attention to the principle of world security and problem-solving through unity of will and positive, just, inclusive, and uplifting culture and communication, we can turn Esperanto into an increasingly better known, attractive, and respected force for human betterment in a world that needs all the help it can get.

Laborsesio: Retaj Kursoj kaj Eventoj

Tiu ĉi laborsesio enhavis 30 partoprenantojn, kiuj disdividis al 4 grupoj: Monatan Kurson, Tujelsendo de Videoludoj, Atelieroj pri Verkado, kaj Uzado de Eventoservo por Lokaj kaj Fakaj Grupoj

Monatan Kurson

We want to have monthly (or possibly bi-monthly) 60 minute sessions that consist of a short lesson followed by open office hours. Hans is working on creating 20 lessons that will help Esperantists who learned on Duolingo, or maybe just need a refresher, on the Esperanto rules of grammar. The lesson will be 15-20 minutes and then students can ask questions about what they have just learned. After those questions are answered, the session will open to ALL Esperanto questions. The hope is that this will help both new esperantists who don’t yet understand the grammar and those that are more advanced but just want to pop in for the 2nd half hour to get live help from someone with a thorough knowledge of the language.

Some ideas for instructors are:

  • Thomas Alexander
  • Hans
  • Rafa
  • Bertilo
  • Lee Miller
  • Alexander

After Hans writes the lessons (which he thinks he can have done by early September) we can start publicizing through Evento servo, the website, Facebook, Discord, and the EUSA email list. We’d like to have the first class in mid-sept. Does E-USA have a paid Zoom account? Can we use that?

I’ll be the one running tech and helping with publicity. I heard from Fred that we have a new communications person starting soon for EUSA. Is that still true? Maybe I can work with that person to help publicize also :)

Our 2nd idea was to work with N Londono group to help them get more teachers from the US to support more times zones in the US and then use our platforms to drive people there.

Let me know if you have any questions!


  • Stream what?
    • Games translated into Esperanto
      • Good Boy Galaxy (ask them to translate into EO?)
      • Slay the Spire
    • Chess?
  • People to consult/examples to follow
    • Chuck Smith
    • Kajtie
    • Alena Adler (they)
    • Evildea: he’s co-creating a videogame where Esperanto is the magic word
    • Reddit Discord
  • How to help coordinate?
    • Maybe the E-USA YouTube channel could host videos after they are done, or have an RSS feed of
    • A page of E-USA streamers that links to their feeds
    • How to stream? En Esperanto?
    • inform the streamers about new translations
      • Jocxjo/Jackson Bradley
    • ask videogame distributors to support Esperanto officially!
    • There’s a bit of money to make instructional videos (start small to show productivity) (there are grants! about > about > about)
  • David Meade
  • BelArto kurso has an interest in videogames
  • Carter
  • Robert Kinsley
  • Tim Bronsick is getting a technology team together, but his life is kinda crazy right now

Atelieroj pri Verkado

Ĉeestis: Jordon Kalilich, Barbara Brown, Chelsea Moses, Tony Harris, Tony Kamson, Jonathan Thomas, Kartero Williams, Brandon Sowers, Myrtis Smith


  • Encouraging translation of children’s books - komencantoj like to read them. Also could encourage translation of American literature but watch out for copyright
  • Workshop for translation (Like Hoss’s columns) - but harder to find good teachers - maybe better for NASK.
  • Also may be better to learn to write literature in Esperanto before learning to translate.
  • Another idea: piggyback off the success of Bobelarto, draw attention to what they’re already doing
  • Provide information about Esperanto in English, less intimidating to komencantoj. Eventa Servo requires everything to be in Esperanto.
  • Maybe a traditional book club but that could fall apart easily.

Action items decided on:

  • Brandon will talk to Stela about expanding Bobelarto to the US.
  • Consider starting a Telegram or Discord group for Esperanto readers and writers in the US. (Owner of this action item is not clear, and there is disagreement about which platform would be best.)

Uzado de Eventoservo

Neniuj Notoj Senditaj

Laborsesio: Kialoj (Re)Membriĝi

Tiu ĉi laborsesio enhavis 20 partoprenantojn, kiuj disdividis al 2 grupoj: Komunikado, kaj Helpo por Membroj. Antaux ol disdividi en la 2 grupojn, Fred MEYER III mallonge parolis pri la pasintaj agoj de la Membreca Komitato.


Here is our plan to improve communications at Esperanto USA.

  • Reddit: Drop Esperanto USA and encourage Usonanoj to chat in the main Esperanto reddits and sun reddits and encourage other usonanoj to join Esperanto USA and our activities. Jordon uses Reddit and could be an active participant. It would be good to have several more
  • Discord: We need to remove groups that are no longer active (last post was 1 year ago or more). We need a team of moderators that are checking these rooms and channels regularly (weekly) and are communicating Esperanto USA events and resources when/where appropriate. All new EUSA members should get an invite to the community and all current members should get a yearly reminder on how to join. Both communications should have thorough instructions for how to use discord (we need someone to write these).
  • YouTube: Our content should be edited before posting and reviewed and refreshed regularly. This can be done by a single person with video editing software. All new videos should be announced via other communication channels.
  • Facebook/Twitter: Possibly Katie Neilson and or Dalton Reed can help. We need someone to post regularly and share content from other Esperanto platforms. Every time we have a contest, event, or announcement it should go on our Facebook page and Twitter.
  • Email: We need someone to manage the email regularly and respond to anyone who send Esperanto USA an email. We also think monthly newsletters should be sent to the members. Chuck Mays was sending out Radars and we would like to ask him to bring that back and send officially as Esperanto USA. Like FB and Twitter all contests, events, and news/announcements should go out via the newsletter.
  • Website: The website needs a thorough review and revamp. If possible the new site should have a live feed of our Facebook page and if not possible the same content on our social media and newsletter should be on our site. We should have links to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel. Discord and newsletters can be exclusive to members.

I think this is it.

Helpo por Membroj

  • Ne mona gajno
  • Jes idealisma - Eo havas
  • Jes amikojn/amikeco
  • Grupojn por multaj interesoj
    • Kiaj avantagxoj esti membro rilate al tiuj grupoj?
      • En loka grupo estas ofte nur kelkaj homoj, kaj/aux ili gxenerale havas la samajn ideojn kaj/aux spertoj.
      • Naciaj kunvenoj kiel Landa Kongreso havas pli granda varieco.
  • Sed ankoraux, nuntempe, cxu E-USA ofertas suficxe da gajno al la interreta generacio?
  • La rolo de E-USA estas Organizi la oceanon de informoj haveblaj en la interreto.
    • Ni povas oferti al niaj memborj helpon kaj ligojn kaj tiel plu por provizi tian gvidadon.
  • La solvenda problemo estas, ke E-USA ne volas provizi tiajn informojn al nur membroj sed al cxiuj Esperantistoj.
  • Alia demando, kial iu sola Esperantisto nova, en mezo de nenie, turnigxu al E-USA anstataux Fejsbuko ktp?
  • Eble ni faru ion kiel la onklo/nevo arangxo de, sed kun kapablo helpi ankaux en la angla (kaj la hispana).
  • Ni ankaux pripensu kiel E-USA povas helpi al homoj konektigxi kun aliuloj por helpi la movadon.


  • 26 members in attendance.
  • Introduction of Treasurer.
  • Presentation of operational budget.
  • Members ask questions of the treasurer. Point raised: Budget more for promotion.
  • Brandon moves to change line 65100 ‘Promoting Esperanto’ from $0 to $500. Anna Bennet seconds. Bill suggests a second budget for advertising, to be presented next year. A vote is called to accept Bill’s amendment to remove that line item altogether and that a separate advertising budget be presented at the next LK. The amendment and proposal both are unanimously approved by the members. Charlotte moves to accept the amended budget. Robert Brooks seconds. Unanimously approved. The new Secretary shall be Charlotte Burton. The new board members shall be Ruth (Margo) Kevess-Cohen and Fred Meyer III. Charlotte summarizes the above notes from the work sessions.

Resolutions Passed at Solena Fermo

Dankrezolucio al la LKK

PRO TIO, KE ni cxiuj spertis tre agrablan kongreson;

PRO TIO, KE ni gxuas interesajn ekskursojn;

PRO TIO, KE ni gxuas programaron plenege de interesaj opcioj;

PRO TIO, KE vi afable montras al ni vian hejmon kaj kulturon;

PRO TIO, KE pli ol 100 homoj venas el nia lando;

PRO TIO, KE ni dankemas pro la gxuego kongresi cxi tie;

TIAL Esperanto-USA dankas al la Loka Kongresa Komitato, pri gastigi nian landan kongreson en cxi tiu belega urbo de Montrealo dum la jaro 2022.

Aliaj Rezolucioj

Gvidrezolucio de la 2022-a Landa Kongreso de Esperanto-USA

La Landa Kongreso de Esperanto-USA, kunvenante en Montrealo inter la 8a kaj 12a de Augusto, kadre de la 107a Universala Kongreso de Esperanto:

  • Dankas la gastemon kaj fruktodonan, multjaran laboron de la lokaj organizantoj, la Esperanto-Societo Kebekia, kaj la Kanada-Esperanto Asocio
  • Omaĝas la usonajn esperantistojn, kiuj forpasis ek de la lasta ĉeesta landa kongreso en 2019, inter ili William (“Vilĉjo”) Harmon, Jane D’Stranske, Allan E. Fineberg, kaj Susan Meyer
  • Dankas la proponon de Gary Bisaga kaj la klubo de Raleigh por gastigi la landan kongreson en 2023, kaj akceptas tiun proponon
  • Konstatas ĝoje ke, kun pli ol cent partoprenantoj de Usono, ke la nuna kongreso estas ne nur la unua granda kunveno de usonaj esperantistoj ek de la komenco de la pandemio, sed inter la plej grandaj de jardekoj
  • Dankas al la estraranoj kiuj venis al la kongreso, aparte Ĉaro, Alekso, Davido, kaj Fred, kaj al Vilĉjo Harris, kiuj energie helpis la kongreson atingi sian sukceson
  • Gratulas la multnombrajn unuafojajn kongresanojn, kiuj portas freŝan energion al la movado
  • Profitas tiun novan energion por konstati, ke la evidentaj prioritatoj por la nuna membraro estas kultura agado, retaj eventoj kaj kursoj, kaj membro-varbado kaj aktiveco
  • Deklaras, ke la “Educational Video Fund” estos renomita al “Educational Media Fund”, cele al utiligado por podkastoj, projektoj pri videludoj, kaj similaj iniciatoj
  • Esprimas, ke la estraro ellaboru senpagan kotiznivelon por esperantistoj en prizonoj
  • Memorigas al la estraro, ke grandaj decidoj kiel dungigo de nova ĝenerala direktoro kaj defino de tio estu faritaj kun la partopreno de la membraro, kunvenanta en kongreso
  • Informas la estraron kaj la nomumkomitaton, ke ili preparu por procezo de novigo de la organizo kaj transiro de multaj taskoj kaj postenoj dum la venonta jaro, inter aliaj la postenoj de prezidanto, vicprezidanto, kaj ĝenerala direktoro
  • Dankas la multjaran kaj valoran laboron de la Ĝenerala Direktoro Bill Harris,
  • Deziras, ke la estraro kaj nomuma komitato dum la venonta jaro serĉu vaste kaj malferme dum la venontaj monatoj por havi plurajn proponojn por eventualaj novaj Ĝeneralaj Direktoroj kaj lokoj por la centra oficejo dum la venonta 3-5 jaroj
  • Deklaras, ke la fina decido pri ŝanĝo de CO estu farata de la venonta landa kongreso en 2023