Usona Esperantisto № 2022:1 (jan–feb)

Board Meeting, February 2nd, 2022

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2022-03-09


Kun voĉdonrajtoj: Filipo Dorcas, Alekso Miller, David Beck, Charlotte Burton, Fred Meyer III, Jane Shevtsov, Tim Rice

Sen voĉdonrajtoj: Vilĉjo Harris


La prezidento legas la misian deklaron de Esperanto-USA kaj anoncas kvorumon.


The following are the regular monthly reports provided to the board:


Nothing notable to discuss. All is going well in the central office.

Treasurer’s report

The treasurer discusses the market value change of our investments and states an intent to talk to the appropriate people about diversifying our investments more. Donations began getting active in December and continued into January, thus causing them to be split into the two years. Vilĉjo (Bill) reiterates his intent to pass on information to the board regarding especially large donations, so that we may thank these donors in some additional way. A question arises about the specific purview of various specific reports that the treasurer receives.The latest reports indicate that Esperanto-USA officially ended 2021 having gained a little over $2000, which is largely thanks to generous donations from members and due to having moved the central office to no longer occupy a physical storefront in California, which occurred several years ago.

President’s report

The president officially names Charlotte Burton head of the Goldman Fund. This is in order to support the process of managing donations and grants/stipends. The Goldman Fund is officially a non-restricted fund, meaning the board could legally determine where to spend that money, but a fund manager can take precedence in that responsibility. It is requested that the board receive a report at least quarterly from all funds, to keep us informed on any notable expenditures or income regarding any funds. The CO sends the board a quarterly report. The CO and treasurer already send the board a quarterly investment report, which includes information on all funds, plus a further, less official report monthly concerning more minute changes. It is determined that these reports are sufficient to clarify fund status to the board, such that the board is able to keep track of any funds which are their responsibility.

The president moves into a discussion of paper versus electronic media for our bulteno. It is clarified that everyone who has an email address listed with the CO receives an electronic bulletin, but only those with a full membership and who have shown that they prefer a paper bulletin, or those who do not have a listed email address, will receive a paper bulletin. A little over ⅓ of current members receive a paper copy of the bulletin “Usona Esperantisto.” Action Item: Suggest to the Membership Committee the idea of offering “prizes” of some sort to people who purchase higher-level memberships.

Phil also requests a report from Alekso Miller on what is needed for the next film festival. The upcoming festival is forthcoming, but we are still struggling on publicity for the contest, including a clear rubric, collecting judges, crafting announcements and guidelines, etc. Action Item: Charlotte will create an announcement, a bulteno article, and a short announcement video announcing that E-USA will be offering up to 100 full youth stipends for the UK in Montreal this year. It is also discussed whether we should use such software as TikTok or Notion. Discussions on these matters will be moved to Slack for further analysis.

New Business

The CO would like to send out a notice to all members offering to send a UK sticker and postcard if they plan on using them. This is not currently in the budget and would therefore require a board vote for budget approval. This is likely to cost around $60-150. Fred moves that we authorize Bill to spend up to $150 for UK literature. Jane seconds. The motion passes unanimously. An email will be sent out to all members, and Alex will craft a video announcement as well. This will be offered free to members only.

The meeting is officially closed.