Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2021:5 (sep–okt)

Special Interest Groups

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2021-10-19

Fred is one of the Directors of E-USA. You can contact him at f3meyer at gmail dot com.


Esperanto-USA is launching a new service for members: listing contact information about Esperanto-related Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the USA on its website. We hope that this service will promote the use of Esperanto by American Esperanto speakers to discuss their favorite or common activities or concerns. Examples are a SIG for video game players, a SIG for vegetarian or vegan Esperantists, a SIG for handicapped Esperantists, a SIG for charitable Esperantists, or a SIG for Esperantists who are members of Mensa. The possibilities are limitless.

To have your SIG listed on the Esperanto-USA website you will need to go the Groups page and follow the link to a Google form and fill in all the required fields there. Please note that some of the information you enter into the form will be public and other information will be used by the leadership of Esperanto-USA, but will not be made public. When you submit the form, a copy of your entry will be sent to the email address that you entered into the form. The submitted data will automatically be submitted to an Esperanto-USA coordinator for review. Once the coordinator has checked the entry, the public information submitted with the form will be listed on the Esperanto-USA website within 24 hours. Coordinators will also be the communications link between Esperanto-USA and American special interest groups. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Esperanto-USA itself must remain neutral with regards to politics, religion, and socio-economic theory. Furthermore, Esperanto-USA reserves the right to not list any entry for any reason. This does not mean that we will not list religious or political SIGs. They will likely be listed as long as they are respectful to everyone both within their organization and outside their organization.

Esperanto-USA believes that SIGs will make Esperanto more interesting and useful to Esperantists in the USA. Just as we do for local groups, clubs, or associations, Esperanto-USA wants to support Esperanto-related special interest groups in any way we can. We feel that SIGs can help Esperanto and American Esperantists move forward.