Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2022:5 (sep–okt)

Credit where credit is due

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2022-11-11

I enjoyed Brandon Sowers’s personal report in issue 2022:4 on the recent Universala Kongreso in Montréal, but I noticed one mistake near the end of the paragraph for Day 6 (11 August):

… Thursday’s program was unike elstara: the debut of 1910, a new play about Zamenhof’s visit to Washington and Montreal in 1910, written and directed by Ĵenja Amis […] Several other Americans played major and minor parts in the play: Alena Adler played the supporting role (outstandingly, I should say!) …

According to the official website for the Montréal UK, Ĵenja Amis is named as author and producer, while Alena Adler (mentioned in the above passage) was named as director.

Elkore dankon.

Thanks for the correction, Philip. The web version of the article has been updated. – Ed.