Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2024:1 - “Esperanto-USA salutas vin”

Jan-Feb Board Activity

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2024-03-08

Based on feedback, the full meeting minutes (including discussions) will once again be made available online, with links provided alongside the activity summary. To conserve space, the print version of the newsletter will include only the summary and links to read the full minutes online.

Minutes for special sessions — two in January, one in February — and for March and April will appear in UE № 2024:2.


Ĉeestas: Brandon SOWERS, David BECK, Charlotte BURTON, Quintyn BOBB, Enrique HARO MARQUEZ, Jane SHEVTSOV, Tim BORONCZYK, Ruth (Margo) KEVESS-COHEN, Fred MEYER III, Bill (Vilĉjo) HARRIS (sen voĉdonrajtoj). Neniu forestas.

  • Hoss FIROOZNIA having stepped down as Vice-President, Quintyn BOBB is chosen by the board as the new Vice-President, per E-USA by-laws, to serve the remainder of Hoss’s term. Per the by-laws, Quintyn’s place will be filled by the upcoming ballot, with the candidate with the third-most votes (excluding the candidate for treasurer) being elected to serve out the remainder of Quintyn’s term, consisting of two years.

  • Proposal: Esperanto-USA will advance $1000 for conference costs for PER, and set up Zeffy for registrations, from which we would retain the first $1000. Motion passes unanimously.

  • Proposal: E-USA will send ESF the matching grant request. Motion passes unanimously.

  • Proposal: Appoint Margo as E-USA board liaison with ESF, Edukado, and the London Esperanto Club. This information will be posted on our new website when it is available. Motion passed unanimously.

(Full minutes for January)


Ĉeestas: Brandono SOWERS, Quintyn BOBB, David BECK, Charlotte BURTON, Fred MEYER III, Enriko HARO MARQUEZ

Ĉeestas sen Voĉdonrajtoj: Mateo BROOKS (Candidate), Amanda SCHMIDT, Maya ANDERSON (Candidate)

Forestas: Jane SHEVTSOV, Ruth (Margo) KEVESS-COHEN

  • Tim BORONCZYK has stepped down from the board. Per E-USA by-laws, his position shall remain vacant until the upcoming LK, at which point his term would have expired naturally. Therefore, no changes to the voting shall occur as a result of this.

  • Proposal: Esperanto-USA shall support the Lingvohelpilo project by donating $1200 out of the Goldman Fund. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Proposal: Esperanto-USA shall give Lee $500 for a scanner from the Educational Media Fund, which supports E-USA’s priority of providing educational and cultural materials, as well as preservation of materials; this money is to be sent contingent on the files being uploaded to a digital location that E-USA will have access to, and that wherever they may be shared, it will be with a statement that these were made available through a grant from E-USA; E-USA shall be updated at least every 6 months through the course of this project. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Proposal: E-USA shall adopt Google Meets instead of Zoom as our virtual communication tool for monthly board meetings. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Proposal: Board meetings shall begin at 1 PM Eastern time, starting in March until the board decides otherwise. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Proposal: Slack voting by the board shall be reserved for urgent, time-sensitive matters. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Proposal: All Esperanto-USA board members will be provided a Google Workspaces account, which they are to set up and begin to use for any emails related to Esperanto-USA, as well as for Google Drive. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Proposal: A committee shall be formed, including David, Brandon, Fred, and Quintyn, to be chaired by David, to discuss and present possible by-laws changes, which shall meet at least once per week and present a report to the board no later than 7 days before the March board meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

(Full minutes for February)