Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2022:6 (nov–dec)

Board Meeting, November 26th, 2022

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2023-01-14

Ĉeestas: Filipo DORCAS, Alekso MILLER, Charlotte BURTON, Fred MEYER III, Hoss FIROOZNIA, Margo KEVESS-COHEN, Timoteo RICE

Ĉeestas sen Voĉdonrajtoj: Vilĉjo HARRIS

La prezidento deklaras kvorumon.

Kutimaj Raportoj


La prezoj estis sendataj al la gajnintoj de la filmfestivalo. Nenio nekutima por raporti.


Laŭ estrara decido de la antaŭa kunsido, Filipo laboras pri la komitatoj, por klarigi kiujn komitatojn ni havas, kaj kiu estras ĉiun komitaton. He also included funds on the committee list, as some funds are run by committees (such as the Schulze fund). While some funds are managed by individuals rather than committees, listing funds would be beneficial for the sake of having information in one place. The document as it stands includes the name of each committee and fund, the name of the person who chairs it, and contact information for that person, generally in the form of an email address. The document is thorough but incomplete. For example, the publicity committee will be in charge of the Publicity Fund, but as it is a restricted fund, the board must appoint an administrator of that fund and not spend from it directly. During this discussion, the board collectively updates the current list of funds and managers on the website. The president would like a strong publicity committee and asks for board feedback on what publicity looks like: should it publicize E-USA, Esperanto in general, printed materials, social media campaigns, etc? Publicity is a broad concept, including all of these things. Phil suggests we should find one person who would chair the committee and coordinate with various sub-committees whenever a request for publication comes in. This discussion will be continued on Slack.

Old Business

Social Media

Hoss currently posts any new articles across all social media platforms, which is a relatively quick and easy thing that can be done by a social media manager to keep E-USA on people’s feed.


No Americans signed up for the C2 exam this year. Part of this may be due to the times it was offered, but we may also want to offer some motivation for people to pass the exam. British Esperanto Association reimburses, at least partially, the exam costs for those who succeed. We could also work on publicizing what the C2 exam means and why we would want to pursue that if we’ve already passed the C1 level.


Discussion of whether the board should influence member activity more or should be influenced by member activity more. The answer seems to be both, as evidenced by the fact that at the recent work sessions, many of the tasks that members requested us to work on are things we have already done or have funds and committees for. This suggests we need to reinforce what we have already done.

Actual Old Business

We have 16 action items on the board agenda which have not yet been addressed and which the board will discuss for at least an hour asynchronous on Slack today.