Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2017:6

NASK 2018

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2017-12-31

In 2018, NASK will have four course levels (including, for the first time in many years, a beginner course), renowned instructors (Katalin Kováts, Anna Löwenstein, José Antonio Vergara and Thomas Alexander) and as a special guest speaker the former president of UEA, Renato Corsetti. And KTF (the Kino-Teatro-Festo) will be concurrent with NASK again. These are just a few reasons to come to NASK 2018 (July 3-12, Raleigh, NC)!

North American Summer Esperanto Institute (NASK) is an immersive, intensive Esperanto study program that has taken place without interruption since 1969. Just as in the past few years, NASK will take place at William Peace University (Raleigh, N.C., USA), and once again, it joins efforts with KTF (Kino-Teatro-Festo). This summer, however, instead of the usual three courses (post-beginner, intermediate and advanced) it will offer four courses, including a course for beginners taught by Thomas Alexander (USA) which is intended for those who haven’t yet learned the language or who need a solid, basic-level review. Katalin Kováts (Hungary/Netherlands), a veteran NASK instructor, will teach the Intermediate Level for those who need to focus on refining and practicing their language skills.

There will also be two specialized courses for those who are ready to study material in and about Esperanto, and who don’t need to focus specifically on language learning: José Antonio Vergara (Chile) will teach an advanced course on the Esperanto Movement, History, and Culture, and Anna Löwenstein (Britain/Italy) will teach an advanced course on Esperanto Literature. Renato Corsetti (Italy) will be a special guest and will present on several topics.

Please note that the intermediate and advanced courses will be taught entirely in Esperanto. This year NASK will not offer a post-beginner course. “Recent years have seen the program grow significantly (around 60 participants each year), and we want to diversify the options for study this summer, as well as to meet the learning needs we’ve observed over the last few years”, explains Lee Miller, one of the NASK leaders and a former instructor. “Thanks to Duolingo and Lernu many people come for the first time already able to participate in the Intermediate course, and we have many participants who are well prepared for advanced level material.”