Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2017:6

Media hits

  • Tupelo Quarterly
    In October, the online literary journal Tupelo Quarterly published a review of Uncle Leyb, Sebastian Schulman’s English translation of an Esperanto short story by Mikaelo Bronŝtejn.
  • The New York Times
    The Esperanto Society of New York’s celebration of Zamenhof’s birthday was featured in The New York Times on December 21st. Despite a small typo in the title (Feliĉa Ferioj! Toasting the Holidays in Esperanto), author Corey Kilgannon did an admirable job of profiling the club and its members.
  • Freakonomics Radio
    Freakonomics Radio published a set of podcasts addressing the idea of universal languages. The last podcast was devoted to Esperanto in particular, and included over 30 minutes of interviews with members including Esther Schor, Chris Johnson, Maria Murphy, Orlando Raola, and Humphrey Tonkin.