Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2017:1

The Esperanto-USA Congress, NASK, and Amazon Smile

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2017-03-10

This year the Annual Congress and NASK are scheduled at the same location, one right after the other. I encourage you sign up for both of them. At our online store you can sign up for the Annual Congress and sign up for NASK.

Members in the online and introductory categories do not automatically receive paper signup forms in the mail. However, if you would prefer to sign up with paper forms, send a request to or call us at 510-653-0998.

Members in the other categories will soon receive sign-up forms in the mail.

We have a web page with further information about the congress.

If you have not participated in a congress before, please see the Introduction to the E-USA Congress.

See upcoming information about NASK. For more, please contact Ellen Eddy at

For more information about the congress, please contact Chris Johnson at

I hope to see you at the Congress and at NASK!

If you shop at, you can donate money to Esperanto-USA without sending us a dime.

Just go to, and choose Esperanto-USA as your favorite charity. Then always use this same URL when you shop at Amazon. Amazon Smile is owned by Amazon, and the shopping experience is exactly the same as with Amazon (including prices).