Usona Esperantisto № 2022:3 (maj–jun)

Board Meeting, June 11th, 2022

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2022-06-11


Filipo Dorcas - President; Alekso Miller – Vice President; David Beck - Treasurer; Tim Rice - Director; Vilĉjo Harris (Central Office. Attending without vote.)

Not in Attendance

Charlotte Burton – Secretary; Brian Harmon – Director; Fred Meyer III – Director; Hoss Firooznia - Director; Jane Shevtsov – Director; Timothy Boronczyk - Director

David will act as Secretary for the meeting in the absence of Charlotte.

The mission statement is read. We do not have a quorum. Per board procedures, last month’s minutes were automatically approved.

Action Items

  • Phil will make the meeting video available to the Board after the meeting.

  • Phil to determine dates of the meetings at the Landa Kongreso.

  • Phil to send email/letter to the membership regarding the Landa Kongreso.

  • Phil will email the Promotion Committee with an update regarding the request for $450 for flyers.

  • Phil will lead drive to better update the agenda before the next meeting.

  • Phil will put up links to the jarraporto he is working on and the four Landa Kongreso agendas.

  • Bill will confirm the properties of the ESF matching campaign.

Standing Reports:

Central Office

Voting is going well. Sent budget information to David so he can prepare the beginnings of the 2023 budget. We will have no book service at the Universala Kongreso in Montreal.

Alex mentions that “Kia Tago” is the only film entrant that has won a prize that hasn’t been sent yet. More information is needed from the entrant. We are waiting for their response. All other prizes have been awarded. Phil asks if we will have handouts of the Jarraporto at the Kongreso and we should have extra. Bill says yes. Because Kongreso is in Montreal we won’t have book service.


The treasurer has nothing to add beyond the regular reports David sent to the Board. Still working through the information regarding the budget that Bill forwarded. Phil points out that the current annual budget for the portion of the year we have experienced and for the year in whole is in the YTD Summary that is sent out each month. The 2023 budget should be similarly high level.

Phil points out that donations are behind. David, Phil, and Bill agree that donations are normally heavy at the end of the year as people are getting them in for the tax year. We’ll run a donation drive at that time.

Phil David asked the condition of Gary Grady. Gary is a great guy and provides a lot of assistance to the Finance committee. Phil relayed that he is doing much better. Still in a nursing facility but expected to go home soon.


The Landa Kongreso will consist of four 45 minute meetings held during the Universal Kongreso in Montreal:

  1. Solena Malfermo
  2. Board (Projector Needed)
  3. Business (Projector Needed. Budget will be approved.)
  4. Solena Fermo

Phil has requested rooms but hasn’t received a response yet. Bill received a request for the dates from a member because they can’t attend the entire kongreso and wants to attend these meetings. The dates have not yet been determined. Phil to determine dates of the meetings at the Landa Kongreso. All the meetings will be on different days. Phil will put up links to the four agendas, one for each meeting. Solena Fermo is likely to be the day before the excursion. He wants to send an email/letter to the membership regarding the Landa Kongreso. Bill asks if Komitanto for EUSA has been determined. Duncan Charters has offered to do it. Phil agrees he should be the one to do it. Form needs to be filled out.

We should discuss the 2023 budget in advance of the next board meeting being held on 9 July 2022. It is much more comfortable to have the budget completed and ready for approval before the Kongreso.

ESF Matching Campaign

Alex suggests that there may be some confusion regarding the matching donations from ESF. Alex points out that donations need to be made in such a way that they are matched by ESF. Bill points out that donations from ESF go into the Goldman Fund and cannot be used for operational expenses. Phil thinks the matched donations must go into the Goldman Fund and the original donations go into the General Fund. Bill was under the impression both donations had to go into the Goldman Fund. Bill will confirm. Phil thinks we should make a video explaining the ESF matching program.

Promotion Committee Request for $450 Flyers

The Promotion Committee has requested $450 to make 300 flyers to pass out at a convention which comes to $1.50 each. We don’t have a quorum to approve or disapprove so we’ll vote offline. We are amenable to supporting this type of promotion. The Board is aligned that the Esperanto in these flyers should be grammatically correct and a good value for the money. It is possible these flyers do not have these characteristics. We will discuss further with absent Board members offline. A response should be provided to the Promotion Committee well in advance of the convention which is the first week of July. Phil will email the Promotion Committee now with an update.


Phil is working on the Jarraporto which will be in Esperanto and English. Will put links up to what he is working on. Should be published right before the Kongreso in the Usona Esperantisto (UE). Good to get the news out to international esperantists about what we are doing. Things that will be pointed out:

  • Creation of Regional Coordinators
  • Redoing the committees
  • Film Festival
  • Financials are positive


Phil will be unable to attend the Kongreso due to personal reasons. The Boards’ duties should not all be on the shoulders of Alex. We want to have everything completed and ready so that any of the Board members could take on any of the responsibilities without issue.

Request to have Chuck Smith speak

The presenter was already chosen so having Chuck speak is tabled until next year.

Agenda Items

Phil will lead drive to better update the agenda before the next meeting. We need time to go over our tasks for the agenda. Hoss, Bill, and some other members have already updated some of the items.