Usona Esperantisto № 2020:5 (sep-oct)

Top Five Open Volunteer Positions

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2020-11-15

The Publicity (Advertising) team is now headed up by our Vice President Alex Miller. You are probably already familiar with his very popular videos on YouTube. We are now benefiting from his expertise as he leads publicity for Esperanto USA. The team is active and ready to extend help for local groups, regional events, and special projects. The team is reviewing resources already available to see what needs to be updated or created. This work will include materials available for publicity within the Esperanto community and for non-Esperanto promotions.

The Membership team is now headed up by our board member Tim Boronczyk. The Membership team focuses on how to acquire new members, retain current members, and retrieve lapsed members. This is important work for the growth and support of our membership base.

Please consider volunteering your time. Most work requires only an intermediate fluency in Esperanto. Much of the typical work is communication via text in emails and on social media.

Join with us and help in one of these roles. Even if you have other ideas of how you want to help Esperanto USA, contact us!

Graphic designer
Design logos and other graphic elements for print and web use.
Financial Support Team
Committee members will meet monthly about how to encourage the members of Esperanto-USA to donate and otherwise financially support Esperanto-USA.
Membership Team
Committee members will meet monthly about how to encourage Esperanto speakers in the USA to become members of Esperanto-USA.
Project Team
Committee members will find projects and ideas in or about Esperanto in the USA which deserve support. The committee will meet monthly about whether Esperanto-USA should support the projects and how.
Advertising / Publicity Team
Committee members will meet every two months about how to better advertise about Esperanto in the USA.

For more, see our webpage for volunteers.