Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2020:1 (jan-feb)

Regions, Publishing

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2020-02-15

Fred is one of the Directors of E-USA. You can contact him at f3meyer at gmail dot com.


The regional coordinators met by Zoom during mid January. The Zoom connectivity was provided by the Esperantic Studies Foundation. We discussed a number of issues. One is the quality of the list of local groups. A second was that we need volunteers for regional coordinators in the Great Lakes, Northwest, and West and Pacific regions. Bill Harris Director of the Central Office is acting as the coordinator for these three regions. Please volunteer. A third issue was composition of the regions. Murray Merner has sent a map to the other coordinators and suggested some changes. The remaining coordinators have not responded yet.

The board of Esperanto-USA has taken several actions concerning the Publishing Funds and the Administrator of the Restricted Publishing Fund. These changes came as the result of a proposal by Hoss Firooznia, Editor of the newsletter. The three motions concerning the Publishing Funds which passed the Board unanimously are:

  1. Structure of Publishing Funds:

    a) The Treasurer shall create a new Endowment Fund known as the “Publishing Endowment.” Interest from this fund will be allocated to the Restricted Publishing Fund.

    b) The Treasurer shall transfer $30,000 of the Restricted Publishing Fund to the Publishing Endowment.

  2. Administrator’s Role: 

    The role of the administrator of the Restricted Publishing Fund shall include authority to contact copyright holders and publishers as a representative of E-USA.

  3. Administration of the Restricted Publishing Fund: 

    Both the Restricted Publishing Fund Administrator and the Board shall be authorized to spend the Restricted Publishing Fund. In the case of the Board, expenditures may be approved by a simple majority vote. In the case of the Administrator, planned expenditures shall be announced to the Board via email to all Board members with a Treasurer’s Grant Request Form, at which point the usual procedure will be followed.

We need to thank Hoss for this proposal. It portends good publications in the future of Esperanto-USA.