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Pri la Festotago Esperanta

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Editor, The American Esperanto Journal:

Dear Sir—I am an urgent advocate of July 21, 1887, as the natal day of Esperanto for the following reasons:

  1. It is the date assigned in many papers and publications and is already generally accepted.

  2. Dr. Zamenhof states that he published his brochure in July, 1887. Why bring in June, May, March or December, which are further from the true date than any July day?

  3. Any slight uncertainty of what occurred on July 21, 1887, is of no great importance. July 4, 1776, is not the date of signing the Declaration of Independence. The Christian Era is in error four years if we account Christ’s birth as the beginning. The general accuracy of July, 1887, as the Esperanto natal month is beyond question. The day of the month may be uncertain. It has already been stated by more or less competent authority as the 21st.

Very sincerely yours, Charles W. Stewart. 1211 Kenyon Street, Washington, D. C.