Presita el EsperantoUSA № 1996:2

The 15-Lesson Videotape Course in Basic Esperanto

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2021-02-19

The course was conceived and written by Edwin Grobe. Each lesson is thirty minutes, making the total course length seven and a half hours. The direct method of instruction is used, meaning that the material on the tape is all in Esperanto. In some scenes the actors interact in a family framework, without directly involving the TV audience, while in other scenes they look and speak directly into the camera, interacting with the TV audience. Some lessons make use of both methods.

Costumes: Each member of the family dresses according to his or her professional role, and throughout the entire film wears the same costume, whatever the dramatic or social situation. The costumes, which include wigs and makeup, are somewhat burlesque-style, almost clownish; and define the personalities of the characters.

Subtitles: The important words and phrases are not only heard, but also seen in the form of subtitles.

Scenario: After the Bonvolo family is introduced, several lessons feature visits by various foreigners who are hosted by the family. Various family members befriend or even fall in love with some of the visitors and regret their having to leave. Some family members even threaten to leave the house and run away to live with their new friends and lovers. Family unity is at risk. The family deals with the threat to its unity by deciding to take part in an international convention where they can again meet their departed friends. Lessons feature the execution of various strategies to raise the money needed to attend. The final lesson celebrates their success.

Grammar covered: Alphabet, numerals; nouns, -o and -oj endings; Adjectives, -a, -aj ending; Calendar, Clock; Verbs, -as ending; Accusative, -on, -ojn, -an, -ajn endings; Prepositions; Suffixes and prefixes; Combined words; Adverbs, -e ending; Imperative, -u ending; Past tense, -is ending; Future tense, -os ending; Conditional, -us ending; Recapitulation. (These are only the major themes. Additional themes will also appear in the various lessons.)


Each lesson costs US$20,000. We aim to collect at least $80,000 by spring 1997. At that time we will film the first four lessons, and will distribute copies to everyone who has pre-ordered them. Pre-orders can be purchased for $75 for the four, or at $250 for the 15 lessons. At that time we will set up a new campaign for additional financial support to enable filming the next lessons. It is our intent to produce the entire series within three years. The money we collect through pre-orders will greatly help; but they won’t be enough. Therefore to finance the entire project we must seek the help of generous patrons, individual or groups. And that we are courageously, even audaciously doing here. We hasten to add that neither ELNA nor the Esperantist working staff receive any monetary profit from the project. Our work is entirely voluntary and unpaid. Our first wish is to provide to the Esperanto movement professional teaching materials.

We need your help!

Please send donations to the “ELNA TV Project” at the central office.