EsperantoUSA № 1996:2

EsperantoUSA estis oficiala bulteno de ELNA. Nur elektitaj artikoloj el la presita versio aperas sube; por la plena enhavo, bv. vidi la PDF-version.

EsperantoUSA № 1996:2 in printable PDF form.
Esperanto, Passport to the Whole World
For five years now ELNA has planned to prepare a course in Esperanto for television.
The 15-Lesson Videotape Course in Basic Esperanto
The course was conceived and written by Edwin Grobe. Each lesson is thirty minutes, making the total course length seven and a half hours.
Seen on the Internet
Many people have wondered where all the excitement about the internet comes from. I would like to present a little example of how one corner of the internet functions.