Presita el Usona Esperantisto № 2023:1 (jan–feb)

Board Meeting, January 14th, 2023

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2023-03-20

Ĉeestas: Filipo DORCAS, Alekso MILLER, David BECK, Charlotte BURTON, Fred MEYER III, Jane SHEVSTOV, Hoss FIROOZNIA, Margo KEVESS-COHEN, Timoteo RICE

Ĉeestas sen Voĉdonrajtoj: Vilĉjo HARRIS

Meeting called to order. Alex requests that an item for the LK be added to the agenda. It is on the agenda.

Standing Reports


There is a clerical matter that needs to be cleared with Katalin KOVATS. Alex asks about the LK contract. Bill reports there is nothing out of the ordinary and will discuss it more when that item comes up on the agenda. Fred asks if board members can see the contract. Bill agrees, and the discussion is tabled.


We overspent by $2500 last year, due to a significant decrease in donations and investments. Bill comments that one difference is that in 2021, Phil sent out a letter requesting donations, and that was not done in 2022. Phil expresses a hope that collaboration with ESF will facilitate the donation process. Jane suggests that it is time to start thinking about a donation campaign. A brief discussion of plans and past successes ensues.


Phil reports that he is behind on his work regarding the agenda and expectations for a LK. After that is complete, he intends to work on the board handbook, to expand on the duties of the president. The document regarding the special interest groups is now complete and is in the Google Drive folder that the board shares. Alekso has suggested an expanded vision of what we can do with videos, such as recording LK-j. In the past, this has been done, if at all, by volunteers on their own equipment. Phil recommends this job be included into a budget, to ensure we are paying people for their expertise and efforts, to avoid burnout. Margo has mentioned the use of grants, which Phil supports. Discussion of honorary memberships will ensue. Reminders after today’s meetings about tasks and expectations for board members.

Old Business

Report on Addresses and Mailing Lists. Done. Remove from agenda.

LK Programo

Bill needs to sign the contract. There are no concerns, because Raleigh, Chuck Mays, and William Peace University have worked together to make LK-j happen plenty of times. The LKK will suggest a LK budget to the board for approval after the contract is signed. The LKK asks that some board members volunteer to lead sessions at the LK. A discussion arises whether the LK budget or the E-USA budget should cover filming of LK sessions. WPU and E-USA want to know an approximate count of how many people are likely to attend, in order to help figure budgeting and participation costs. It is recommended that we anticipate 70 people and a break-even there or at 60. However, there are also the factors of NASK happening right before the LK, which could support attendance at both. Margo mentions the cost of attendance being prohibitive, including for board members, and looking for a way to solve that. Bill mentions that some groups will send three budgets: average, optimistic, and pessimistic and suggests that 70 might be a good, conservative guest. Margo suggests a LK track targeting NASK-anoj. Charlotte mentions that the LKK would like more workshops. Alekso clarifies the difference between workshops and brainstorming sessions. Discussion arises of the relative benefit of banquets, dancing, and concerts as kongresso sessions. The board discusses the contract for WPU and the LK.

ESF Communications and Donation Management

ESF suggests that all donations to E-USA go through ESF, which would benefit them by receiving small donations and would benefit us by dealing with legal ramifications around soliciting donations. Chuck and Margo will be discussing this in more detail. The question arises: if someone donates to ESF for us, to a specific fund, does the ESF doubled portion go to the same fund or to our general fund? Another question arises: Can ESF tell us who donates how much, so that we can continue to send out thank you notes?