Usona Esperantisto № 2020:6 (nov-dec)

The Landa Kongreso in 2021

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2021-01-05

Save the date: June 12–19, 2021 are the dates for our next virtual Landa Kongreso for Esperanto-USA. When your Board of Directors made plans for the event we had no crystal ball. We could not accurately determine whether or not to plan an in-person gathering. Using hindsight and noticing the success of our virtual event of 2020 we went ahead with plans for a virtual event in 2021. We are confident that our experience from last year and the growing interest in the Esperanto community will ensure that this Landa Kongreso will be the best ever.

Participate online

Join with us online. As a member of Esperanto-USA you will receive invitations to register when the registration becomes available. Those who are registered will receive links to the events.

Participate live in your region

By the time the LK arrives, it might be possible to meet in person. If that happens we hope that local clubs or even regions will plan some in-person meetings and join with the LK from your meeting! We are planning sessions during the weekends that bookend the LK for live participation from in-person events. Get with your club and stay in contact with your regional coordinator to help enable this to happen. We want to include as many people as possible in our online event while at the same time encourage in-person participation in our LK wherever that is possible.

Get the latest news

What is the state of Esperanto-USA? What have we accomplished? How are we progressing? What are our plans? What does the Esperanto community in the USA look like? What opportunities are there for you? How can you participate? Why should you participate?

What do you want to know? You will have the opportunity to ask!

Find out this and more by attending the LK!

See “how the sausage is made”

You can see how the planning is done, what our budget looks like, and what the journey looks like for your Esperanto USA. You can “see the sausage being made.” Plan to be there for one of the business meetings. And for those vegetarians and vegans, please have no fear. No animals will be harmed in the process! :)

The room where it happens

You may choose which events you wish to attend. You will not be excluded from the formal opening, business meetings, chat rooms, special interest groups, concerts, social events, or the formal closing. You can be in “The room where it happens.”

Maybe you know about the musical Hamilton and how there was an important decision made in secret. Please know that your Board of Directors has made changes to report more frequently. We are also giving members a better voice in the decisions and direction of Esperanto-USA.

What you can expect at the LK—greater variety!

We have listened to you about our national congress of 2020, and plan to include more types of events. We have more time to plan, gather interest, and invite more types of discussions. What is your hobby? What is your vision for your Esperanto community? We are likely to have something on our program that interests you in 2021!

We will continue to listen to you

Members of Esperanto-USA have varied visions and wishes for the Esperanto community. Your Landa Kongreso of 2021 will provide opportunities for you to voice your ideas. Pass your ideas and interests on to any board member or to your regional coordinator through your club. Catch us online via email, Discord, our Facebook page, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, or other social media.

How you can help

  1. Register for the Landa Kongreso 2021 de Esperanto-USA! We will let you know when the registration becomes available.

  2. Spread the news. Pass along emails, repost the posts, retweet, and promote discussion in your region and in your local club. Be sure your local club stays in contact with your regional coordinator so you can get the latest updates.

  3. Provide a presentation or host a chat about your interests.

  4. Check out our volunteer page on your website.

See you at the LK!! Ni vidos vin ĉe la LK!!