Articles by Merner, Murray

Treasurer’s Update
The financial position of Esperanto-USA has improved as the year has gone along due to reallocating some of our funding.
Treasurer’s Update
By joining or renewing your membership you can continue to have Esperanto-USA support your Esperanto aspirations.
Treasurer’s Update
The membership approved our 2020 budget at the Landa Kongreso in Boston, and after many years of having a deficit, we anticipate a positive net balance.
Who have you told about Esperanto?
Esperanto is the most fantastic secret that we must share. Who have you told about Esperanto today?
Murray Merner, Treasurer
In the past few years there has been some borrowing from our financial assets to pay for what EUSA does. That could not continue.
Pri PER-2018
Ni havis dek tri partoprenantojn ĉe la Printempa Esperanto-Renkontiĝo (PER) en la Sudorienta Regiono de Esperanto-USA.
Diru al iu pri Esperanto
Plano paroli kun iu ĉiusemajne pri Esperanto