Amerika Esperantisto dec 1908

Letero de Doktoro Zamenhof

Warsaw, Dzika No. 9, 20-X-1908

To Mr. Edwin C. Reed, Secretary of the Esperanto Association of North America.

Dear Sir:

I received your letter of September 20th. To our American fellow-thinkers you can tell that I promised Sroj. Forman and Privat that I would try to come to the Esperanto Congress in America, and I certainly shall do everything that I can to fulfill my promise. But to state at this time with full assurance whether I shall be able to come, is still impossible, because the matter depends on some circumstances which I cannot yet foresee.

Especially it depends upon the state of my health. At this time it unfortunately is not very good; yet I hope that by summer it will again improve and I shall be able to undertake the great voyage.

Great voyages and a long distance from home are very difficult matters for me, because it is not only involved with great expense for me, which is for me sufficiently important, but it compels me for some time to throw away my medical practice (that is, the source of my income) and—what is most important—the longer I remain away from home, the more my medical practice becomes ruined for the future. The American Congress would require from me not only greater expense than the other congresses, but also a longer absence from home. You, therefore, can understand that I, not being a rich man, can undertake the American trip only in such case, if it were shown that my coming to America would really be very important for our affair.

Therefore I must wait awhile until I am acquainted with the character which the American Congress hopes to have. When the Constant Committee of the Congresses (whose president is General Sebert) assures me that your congress is prepared well and that we can expect from it a great success for our cause, then I shall use all my power to come unfailingly to the congress.