Usona Esperantisto № 2020:2 (mar-apr)

Get to Know a Fund

The Goldman Educational Fund

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2020-04-16

Esperanto-USA’s monetary assets are divided into various funds, each with a stated purpose. Funds exist to publish literature, promote education, publicize Esperanto, and more. In this column I’d like to talk about the recent activities of one of those funds, the Goldman Educational Fund.

Last year, E-USA kicked off its Esperanto in the USA fundraising campaign and had to determine which fund should receive the proceeds. The goals of the campaign include developing youth leaders, helping young Esperantists to travel to events, and developing a strong regional support network for local groups. The Board of Directors determined that the Goldman Fund, whose purpose is to provide general financial support for educational needs, would be a good destination.

In 2019, the Goldman Fund received over $20,000, much of which came from your generous contributions to the Esperanto in the USA campaign and Esperantic Studies Foundation’s matching contributions. In turn, the Goldman Fund was able to support the development of a number of Esperantists and Esperanto events around the country.

Last spring, the fund provided a grant to support the second annual Printempa Esperanto-Renkontiĝo (PER) in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. The fund later covered all or part of eight people’s registration expenses for Esperanto-USA’s Landa Kongreso in Boston, Massachusetts, and recently allowed one person to attend the first Sudokcidenta Renkontiĝo Esperantista (SORE) in Mesa, Arizona.

The Goldman Fund also covered a significant portion of the expenses for Vintra Esperantista Klerigado (VEK), a training for USEJ volunteers that saw guests from Italy and Canada. You can read more this and the other events in recent issues of Usona Esperantisto.

Thanks to the continued generosity of Esperantic Studies Foundation, the Esperanto in the USA campaign will proceed in 2020, giving the Goldman Fund additional opportunities to support Esperantists and Esperanto events during what has turned out to be a difficult time for many.

To request a grant from Esperanto-USA or to learn more about our funds, go to the Documents section of our website, under About Us.