Usona Esperantisto № 2016:1

Senkrokodila semajnfino en Novjorkio

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2018-03-23

Roĉestro, Novjorkio — Dek naŭ personoj el kvin urboj partoprenis en la Senkrokodila Semajnfino en Januaro. Estis bona miksaĵo de spertuloj kaj novuloj … de junuloj kaj maljunuloj … kaj multaj en la mezo. Ĝi estis pli sukcesa ol mi atendis ol eĉ revis, kaj mi ĝojas ke ne nur ne okazis neĝostormo, sed ke la vetero estis tre milda kaj agrabla. Dankon al ĉiuj kiuj venis.

The event was kicked off in sort of a rolling fashion — mostly due to a miscommunication. Some people met at my house. Some met just before the talk. Some met at the restaurant later for lunch. I think this worked out to give people a chance to meet in small groups before ending up in a larger group.

After lunch, we returned downtown to take a closer look at the Airigami Balloon Adventure, then a walk to the river to see the Sister Cities Bridge and the Aqueduct. (As well as The Wings of Progress sculpture, which we renamed “La Flugiloj de Facila Vento.”)

Partoprenantoj antaŭ kajo ĉe lago Ontario.

Saturday evening was a party of sorts at my house where we ended up not playing any games, but we played a lot of music and chatted quite a bit. (I don’t know about anybody else, but I was ready for a rest at that point.)

Sunday breakfast, then a walk on the Ontario Pier, a quick trip to Wegmans, and then some slot car races to wrap it up.

So — did we really go the whole weekend “sen krokodili”? No, not even close. A few people had just taken a crash course in Esperanto before the weekend and I didn’t want them to get lost. (I was informed that at least one person didn’t start the crash course till after the weekend.) For my part, I got to speak Esperanto quite a bit — both with experienced speakers, and to those new to the language. Everybody was pushed a little, but not too far. That’s really the point.