Usona Esperantisto № 2014:2

Pli pri la nomo Usono

Lasta ĝisdatigo: 2018-03-26

En n-ro 2013:6 Lee Miller respondis demandon pri deveno de la nomo Usono. Nia diligenta leganto Bob Russell pluesploris la historion kaj trovis kelkajn interesajn citaĵojn, helpe de la anglalingva Wiktionary.

El la revuo The Flaming Sword, 1898.
1898, The Flaming Sword, vol. 13 n-ro. 33, pĝ. 9:

A St. Louis professor endeavors to invent a new name for the United States, a cabalistic affair, USONA, composed of the initial letters of the words United States of North America; the people he would designate as Usonians.

1899, “German letter (Chemnitz, July 15, 1899)”, American Wool and Cotton Reporter, vol. 13, pĝ. 924 [24]:

Usona (U. S. of A.), a land that looked like a lost land to us two years ago, was our biggest buyer, says a local expert.

1905, “The New U.S. Pharmacopœia”, The Pharmaceutical Journal, Londono, pĝ. 70:

Everything of value recording during recent years by British pharmacists has been incorporated in the monographs, and it is interesting to notice how freely the pages of our own only commentary on the British Pharmacopœia — ’Pharmacopedia,’ to wit — have been drawn upon for information. But this was only to be expected, since our brethren in Usona are nothing if not careful and judicious compilers. Much original work has doubtless been done by American pharmacists engaged in the production of the new national medicine-book, but the volume is, nevertheless, best described as an excellent compilation.

1907, The Gateway, pĝ. 25:

the natural impatience of a citizen of the United States at the idea of the word American referring to any one except himself and his fellow citizens choked off any chance of life the expression [Usona] might have had at that time.

1919, Charles Alphonso Smith, New Words Self-defined, pĝ. 198:

As a matter of fact, the name Usona […] was first proposed by a Canadian, James P. Murray of Toronto, in 1885. (citita el letero en la ĵurnalo New York Times, 20 Julio, 1918)

Kaj jen la fina alineo el Wiktionary:

There was, however, the Usona Zinc Mining Co. of Kansas City in 1899, and a yacht out of Boston by that name in 1900. The Goodwin Pottery Co. produced a line called “Usona” from c. 1905 to c. 1912, and there were other brands, hotels, and companies of that name around the same time [Usona Mfg. Co (Aurora), Usona Films Co (Glendale), the Usona-Brazil Co (NY), etc.]. A small community founded in 1913 near Mariposa, California, is named Usona, from the same acronym. A US steamship named the Usona carried troops during World War I and sank in 1917. A famous hotel in Fulton, Kentucky, was renamed the USONA in 1913, and kept that name at least into the 1930s. A company called Usona Bio-Chem Labs was in business in 1963, and a Usona Co. in 1974, but more recent use of the name may be a back-formation of the architectural term Usonian. Perhaps the greatest acceptance of the term, however, came from speakers of the international language Esperanto, where “Usono” is the word for the United States. (All Esperanto nouns must by rule end in “o”, hence the change from “Usona” - an adjective form - to “Usono.”)

Dankon al Bob pro tiuj ĉi novaj klarigoj pri la uzado de la vorto Usona en la angla lingvo. Certe tio subtenas la vortojn kaj elektojn de Gaston Moch.