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Dumonata bulteno de Esperanto-USA

NASK 2014 – in Canada!

Vidu ĉi tiun anoncon en Esperanto.

This year NASK ventures outside the US… and heads to the west coast of Canada! In 2014 the institute will be held at the University of Victoria, located at the southern edge of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Culturally rich Victoria is known as a verdant “garden city“ with mild summers and numerous sights for tourists.

Join us from June 29th to July 8th for eight days of learning, fun and exploration of the city’s wonderful museums, restaurants, and shopping, all within walking distance of the campus.

NASK ends just before the start of the Landaj Kongresoj (National Conventions) of Esperanto-USA and the Canadian Esperanto Association. Both events take place together in nearby Sidney, within easy reach by bus.


The international team of István Ertl (Hungary), Usui Hiroyuki (Japan), and Jennifer Bondelid (USA) will teach three levels of courses. Hoss Firooznia will act as assistant instructor and organize the extracurricular programs.


This year the general fee (courses, lodging, breakfasts) is especially low: just USD $475 if you sign up by April 1st, and USD $525 thereafter. Locals not needing housing can register even more inexpensively, for only USD $250 to cover all NASK activities. Please note: scholarships are available for full-time students, teachers, as well as residents of Latin America and Canada.

Room and board

Students will reside in a one- and two-bedroom residence hall with shared bathroom facilities designated by gender on each floor. Internet access is available in every room. Each floor contains a comfortable lounge, and there are laundry facilities in the basement. From the residence hall it’s only a short walk to the dining hall and classrooms.

Breakfasts in the university dining hall are included as part of the general fee. Lunch and dinner can be purchased in the dining hall, or at several small eateries on campus or nearby.


The NASK website contains further information along with registration forms in both Esperanto and English. You can also contact course administrator Ellen M. Eddy at eddyellen ĉe aol punkto com. Finally, you may want to follow our pages in Facebook and/or Google+, where you’ll find occasional updates on the upcoming courses as well as comments from other participants.