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Dumonata bulteno de Esperanto-USA

Esperanto-USA National Convention for 2013

Vidu ĉi-tiun anoncon en Esperanto.

The next annual convention of Esperanto-USA will take place from Friday evening July 5 until midday Monday July 8 at William Peace University near downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, immediately after the North American Esperanto Summer Courses at the same location.

Visit Raleigh in 2013!

We especially invite beginners and foreign visitors to take part.

Inexpensive lodging will be available in a student dormitory, one or two persons per room, with two rooms sharing a bath. Several hotels are located nearby.

It will be possible to buy a meal package for the university cafeteria or alternatively there are a number of restaurants in walking distance or reachable by means of a free bus.

It’s possible to reach Raleigh by air (at RDU International Airport, rail (Amtrak), bus (Greyhound), and car.

Pricing is being finalized and will be announced soon at levels similar to last year’s convention in Texas.

The theme this year is Information, Instruction, and Utilization, and the program will address those three fields by means of talks, short courses, discussions, and workshops. For example:

  • Information: How to organize and energize a local group. How to use social media such as YouTube and Facebook. How to present Esperanto to the modern world. What kinds of approaches succeed or fail?

  • Instruction: The most up-to-date ideas about learning Esperanto. Teaching on line. What do Esperanto-USA, ESF, Edukado.net, Lernu.net, AAIE, ILEI, an other organizations do?

  • Utilization: How to travel, be amused, learn, and communicate across language barriers by means of Esperanto. Which recent (and old) books, music, films, web sites, magazines, radio programs, blogs, etc. in Esperanto are the most interesting.

Besides traditional talks and discussions, we hope to offer participants the ability to actively learn and do things – for example how to make a short film or take part in a free international video conference.

We’ll also have excursions during and after the convention to visit museums, historic houses, etc.

Details and additional information will appear in the Esperanto-USA website and in future issues of Usona Esperantisto.