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Since 1998, UEA has been an accredited non-governmental organization (NGO) at the United Nations. The accreditation allows UEA representatives to attend conferences at the UN and submit recommendations on the economic and social effects of language policy. Equally important, they meet with members of the UN Secretariat—including the Secretary-General—on an unofficial basis.

The cost of operating the UN office is about $375 a month. This amount covers rent, telephone, and miscellaneous expenses (the office is staffed by unpaid volunteers). Support comes from donations to UEA from Esperantists around the world, and many members of Esperanto-USA have donated money for this purpose. Recently we agreed to set up a fund accepting these donations in support of the UN Office. As a result, all donations to the fund are tax-deductible.

For more information about the Esperanto office at the UN, please contact Neil Blonstein at neil_nachum ĉe yahoo punkto com.


Ni bedaŭras la forpason de niaj membroj:

  • Gerald J. Newall, la 3-an de Junio, 2010 en Sandiego, Kalifornio.
  • Doris T. Connor, la 16-an de Oktobro, 2010 en Portlando, Oregono.
  • Edwin M. Swengel, la 22-an de Oktobro, 2010 en Long Beach, Kalifornio.
  • Richard Kollin, la 7-an de Novembro, 2010 en Oakland, Kalifornio.
  • Hyman Meltz, la 1-an de Februaro en Sarasota, Florido.
  • Henry Studer, la 10-an de Februaro.